How to Sell Your Home With the Biggest Profit and as Little Stress as Possible

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home and feel stressed by the process, then this article is for you!

 In this article, you’ll get great tips, tactics that work, and some best kept secrets I share with my seller clients. Why? Because I want you to sell your home for the most profit possible, with as little stress as possible AND love the process every step of the way.


1.)   Find the very best agent to sell your home:

At first glance this might seem like a strange topic to be discussing as a real estate agent, but all the more reason to read up!

 The absolute first step to selling your home is finding the very best real estate agent for you and your home. You want an agent that will not only sell your home for a great price, in the best timeframe for you,  but also make it an experience where you’ll walk away happy with the entire process.

 I’ll be the first to tell you that not every real estate agent is created equal. Each of us is unique.

 There are many wonderful agents in our area, but we are not all the same. I have worked really hard to be the best at what I do and what I know. And I’ve helped many clients successfully sell their home.

 However, I don’t know everything about every neighborhood in the entire region. No one can. So this isn’t your typical, “how to find the very best real estate agent, oh that’s me” kind of advice. Instead, I want you to know that it’s ok to ask questions to help you determine who the best agent is for YOU!

 I hope it’s me, but I’ll be the first to tell you if I’m not he best agent for you. It doesn’t help either of us for me to sell a home I wouldn’t be successful at selling! If I know I’m not the best agent for you, I’ll be honest with you and I’d also be happy to recommend you to another agent that might be better positioned to help you.


2.) Determine how “Sellable” your home is:

There are certain factors that determine the “sale-ability factor” of your home, such as its condition, timing of the sale, its location, how many other comparable homes are for sale at the same time, and even how many investors own in your building if you are a condo owner ( It does make a difference!) Together, we’ll make sure you’ve got a home that can be a viable choice for both buyers AND lenders before we move forward.


3.)   Easy fix-ups to make your home shine:

Selling your home requires an honest evaluation. This can be very hard to do since how we live in our homes is very different then how we sell homes.

 You want buyers to react emotionally to your home in a good way. When they first walk through your door, they should picture themselves living there and loving it. Some might even get an immediate, feel good gut instinct about your home.

 But how do you do that and not go over budget or be stressed out? There is an art and a science to creating a positive emotional response for buyers. I’ll walk you through how to find the perfect difference without overspending.

 For example, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders without a huge investment. And I’ll even share with you the paint color that has buyers swooning, but don’t tell anyone 😉


4.)   “ The price is right” gets your home sold

If your home is priced right from the start, you’ll get the foot traffic it deserves. Too low or too high can set you back and discourage your target buyer.

 I’ll share my unique pricing strategies with you and give you a recommendation of how to price your home so you attract the most buyer’s possible, maybe even creating a little bidding war and causing your home to sell for above asking price.


5.)   Marketing your home to sell quickly and profitably:

Selling your home requires a marketing strategy and I have a formula that is proven to work! My customized approach to marketing your home gets the results you want, attracting buyers who mean business. I’ll first identify who your most likely buyer will be and then I create a targeted, online marketing strategy to reach as many of those buyers as possible and get them coming to your home.


6.)   When to say “yes” to an offer:

Because we’ve done the “hard” work upfront of making your home look great, we priced it perfectly and we had a targeted approach to our marketing, you very likely may receive several offers on your home. How do you decide which is the best one? It’s not always the one with the highest price. Terms are oftentimes equally or even MORE important than the highest price. I’ll give the guidance you need to make a decision that is best for your particular situation, goals and timeline.


7.)   How to negotiate from contract through inspection:

One of my favorite parts of the selling process is negotiating on your behalf. As your representative, my job is to get you the best terms possible, but that doesn’t stop when we accept an offer. The sale of your home can only happen if you actually close the deal with an interested buyer and it’s the under contract phase where expert negotiation skills are key.

 I will share my negotiation skills with you and also always make sure you understand your options. My focus during this phase of the process is to keep my eyes on your goals, while making the buyer side feel like they are winning enough to stay in the deal. Sometimes a difficult balance to strike, but one I’m well versed in creating.


8.)   What’s an appraisal and why does it matter?

When your home is under contract, you can’t move forward with the sale until an appraisal is done on your home. The outcome can affect whether or not you make It to the closing and whether the price in the offer is the price you’ll end up with on closing day. I go the extra mile during this phase of being under contract, meeting the appraiser at your home and creating an informational packet that helps the appraiser have all the information he or she needs for a favorable outcome. You don’t want the appraised value of your home to come in below the price you’ve negotiated with the buyer, so I have a very specific process for making sure that doesn’t happen!


9.)   Pre-Closing tasks to check off your list:

There is a lot to get done before closing day. As your agent, my job is to keep you on track and make sure you know what to do when, so nothing falls through the cracks.  That’s my responsibility as your agent, not yours! Just know if we work together to sell your home, I have a system that ensures you know what you need to do when an even how to do it. I leave nothing to chance, take as much possible off your plate and continuously do a s much as I can to make sure this part of the under contract phase goes as smoothly as possible for you.


10.)   How to make settlement day a success:

The big day is finally here! You are going to officially sell your home and hand over the keys to the new owners. It’s not unusual to experience a wave of anticipation and excitement leading up to this day. But no one wants the transaction to be sidetracked by any surprises. To make sure that all goes well on closing day, I’ll give you a checklist of what you need to do before settlement to prepare, give you pointers about what to expect on this exciting day and prep with you for what to bring to closing so you have everything you need.

 As you can see, there’s a lot that needs to happen when you put your home on the market. I’d love to help you though any of this so you feel comfortable, knowledgeable and are making good decisions well before it’s time to put your home on the market!


Reach out to me and I’d be happy to meet with you to learn more about your specific situation.


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I'm Danielle and I love helping people in  NH, easily and affordably 'right'size' from home that no longer meet their needs to homes that better fit their current needs and lifestyles.

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Hi, there!

I'm Danielle and I love helping people in NH, easily and affordably 'right'size' from home that no longer meet their needs to homes that better fit their current needs and lifestyles.

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