Cozy Up Your New Hampshire Home: Money Saving Upgrades for a Warm and Toasty Winter

As the leaves start to turn and the air gets crisper, you know that winter isn’t too far off. That means it’s time to get our homes ready for the chilly months ahead. But don’t worry, I’m not talking about a major renovation project or breaking the bank. I’ve got some energy-efficient home upgrades that are not only good for your wallet in the long run, but also kind to the environment.

1. **Seal Those Drafts:** Before you crank up the heat, take a stroll around your house and feel for any chilly drafts. These sneaky gaps around windows and doors can be a major source of heat loss. No worries, though – sealing them up is a breeze with some weatherstripping or caulk. It’ll keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

2. **Insulate, Insulate, Insulate:** New Hampshire winters can be brutal, and having proper insulation in your attic and walls can make a world of difference. It’s like giving your home a warm, cozy blanket. You can even go for eco-friendly options like cellulose or recycled denim insulation.

3. **Upgrade Your Windows:** If you have older, single-pane windows, they might be letting the cold in and the heat out. Consider upgrading to double or triple-pane windows. Not only will they keep your home snug, but they’ll also reduce outside noise.

4. **Embrace the Sun:** During the day, let the sunshine in! South-facing windows can help heat your home naturally. It’s free and eco-friendly. Just close the curtains when the sun goes down to keep the heat inside.

5. **Programmable Thermostat Magic:** Smart thermostats are all the rage these days, and for a good reason. They learn your schedule and adjust the temperature accordingly. No more heating an empty house while you’re at work.

6. **HVAC Check-Up:** Before the deep freeze hits, have a pro inspect your heating system. A well-maintained furnace or boiler runs more efficiently and can save you a ton on your energy bills.

7. **Energy-Efficient Lighting:** Swap out those old incandescent bulbs for energy-efficient LED ones. They use a fraction of the energy and last a lot longer. Plus, you can find them in warm, cozy hues for that perfect fall atmosphere.

8. **Hot Water Heater Blanket:** Your hot water heater works hard in the winter. Give it a break by wrapping it in a special insulating blanket. It will help retain heat and save you money.

9. **Get Cozy with Rugs and Curtains:** Area rugs and heavy curtains not only make your home feel cozier but also help insulate the floors and windows. Plus, they add a touch of autumn style to your décor.

10. **Cozy, Cute Sweaters:** Okay, this one is for you, not your home. But wearing warm, snuggly sweaters and using blankets around the house can help you keep the thermostat a little lower and save energy.

So, there you have it, my friends. These energy-efficient home upgrades will have your home feeling like a warm, toasty haven this fall and winter. Plus, you’ll be doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win!

Stay warm, stay cozy, and enjoy all that the New Hampshire winter has to offer. Reach out if you need to be connected with a contractor who can help and as always, I love being your go-to resource for all things home and real estate. 

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I'm Danielle and I love helping people in  NH, easily and affordably 'right'size' from home that no longer meet their needs to homes that better fit their current needs and lifestyles.

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Hi, there!

I'm Danielle and I love helping people in NH, easily and affordably 'right'size' from home that no longer meet their needs to homes that better fit their current needs and lifestyles.

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